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Live. Work. Learn. Play.


A democratic mayoral candidate guided by five core values:


I believe these five values will enable State College to be better and reach its full potential in every aspect of what we do, how we do it and why we do it.  We must be honest, reflect on who we are and challenge ourselves to improve. I promise to listen carefully, to consider all sides of an issue, and to make decisions with the utmost integrity. Most importantly, I want you to hold me accountable.


Father. Husband. Creative. Coach. Changemaker. Life-long Learner.

Black earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Springfield College in 1985 and his master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988.  He spent the next three years as a student affairs professional at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He moved to State College in 1991 to pursue a Ph.D. degree at Penn State Higher Education with a focus on Human Development.  Black was very active in campus life as a doctoral student, serving as an on-air host for WPSU and WPKS; a coordinator for the Penn State Cross Cultural Health Program; a member of the Graduate Student Organization; and, a student representative on the Penn State Budget Committee.

While a graduate student, Black reinvigorated his creative and entrepreneurial talents and spirit. He started his own business, BLACK SUN studio, in 1994 and by 1997 decided to devote his full attention to being an advertising and editorial photographer, designer and creative director.  In 2005, he designed and built the LABB, a 9,500-square-foot creative studio and arts space located on East Beaver Avenue.

Black is a 2011 graduate of Leadership Centre County and currently serves on the executive board.  He had served on the advisory council of the Penn State Center for World in Conversation and is a youth coach for State College Little League, Centre Soccer, OLV HOOPS, Grow the Game, and SC AIR.  His wife, Tonya, is a teacher in the State College Area School District; their son, Lake, is a student at the DELTA school.  

"As mayor, I feel it is more important to be an ambassador and diplomat for the Borough rather than being recognized as a politician." 



"Life is all about relationships—with other people, the planet and ourselves. We must nurture these relationships and appreciate them for the gifts they are."


Setting a Vision

There is already so much that is good about State College. My goal as mayor is to work with all of our residents, neighborhoods, and businesses to make it even better.  I want State College to be an even more attractive, vibrant and welcoming community—economically, culturally, recreationally, and logistically.  I will reach out to Penn State and surrounding communities to help position State College and Centre County as premier locations to live, work, learn, and play.



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MAY 16, 2017